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Victoria, British Columbia


At LIDA Homes, our job is building trust. Trust that your home will be completed on time and on budget, with excellent quality construction and attention to detail; one project at a time, we are changing the way the homeowners in Victoria think about home construction. Whether you are updating your kitchen to embrace your passion for cooking, remodeling a bathroom, or planning an addition to hold your growing family, we will work with you throughout the process so you can be confident you’re getting exactly what you want.

Transparent Home Construction Pricing

You should know the final cost of your home construction or renovation long before you see a hammer or hear a drill. At LIDA Homes, our fee is a percentage of the budgeted construction costs of your project, and once we’ve agreed to the scope, we’ll guarantee the price. We bill all labour and materials at cost, and once per month we’ll provide you with a detailed breakdown of the project expenses as well as the budget status. No guesstimates or slush funds, just high-quality work from professional local tradesmen, and open and honest communication.

Victoria’s Construction Experts

We’ve been building and renovating homes throughout Greater Victoria since 1998, and we’ve been creating long-term relationships with the craftsmen, vendors, and customers ever since. The relationships we’ve built allow us to get best-value pricing for your new home construction or renovation, and our expert project management ensures we stick to the schedule as well as the budget.

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Expert Advice, Honestly

LIDA Homes is a premier custom homebuilder in Victoria, B.C. Our methodology is our secret sauce, time tested for over 18 years. We have put the time and effort into building a great team of suppliers, contractors and management for your home build. There are several key pillars that distinguish us from our competitors: Flexibility, Integrity & Honesty. Our values come from our roots, where our team welcomes innovation and adaptability while never compromising our relentless commitment to customer service. Call us today to discuss your custom home, or renovation project.

Our relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction.

Some companies say they’re committed to customer service, but at LIDA Homes, we think actions speak louder than words. We build customer satisfaction into every home we touch, through our attention to detail, professional expertise, and transparent building process. With our online system, you'll actually enjoy your building project. You'll have all of the details at your fingertips, wherever you have web access. You'll have all of your decisions and related information displayed neatly, in order. We'll even send you automatic reminders about what's coming up next. If you decide to splurge on a few extras you'll always know how much you've spent, and you can securely approve those things right online. You'll see your new home taking shape as you track major milestones and view the progress in the online photo gallery. Of course, communication is so very important. But, admit it, have you ever lost an email or forgotten to reply to someone? We don't want that to happen when we trade messages throughout the home building process, which is why we keep all of our email correspondence in one place - online, by topic, where you and our team can see it. From discussions about lighting fixtures and appliances, down to your smallest questions about anything else. It's all important to us and our system makes sure that nothing falls through the cracks. So why do we do all of this? Well, it's because we've heard the contractor horror stories too. That's why we've invested in our online system to make sure that the fun stays in the building process and that you're still raving about it years down the road.

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