Legacy Homes Ltd.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Legacy Homes is a family-owned business that focuses primarily on the custom home and major renovation markets. It all began in 1991 when--after several years in the new home industry--Grant Robertson formed Legacy Homes. Since then he has been joined by his children Clark, Ford, and Lee, who share his passion for the industry. Combined, this ownership not only offers years of experience but also an enthusiasm for the future.

Even with the passage of time, the operating principle at Legacy has remained constant: “Customer satisfaction is only achieved when the client receives true value.” To provide our clients true value, Legacy Homes offers competitive pricing, superior quality, and prompt service. Adherence to this philosophy is the very foundation for Legacy's success.

For Legacy Homes, the formulation of a mission statement is easy. However, the true test is in the ability of the company to successfully implement this commitment. At Legacy, we have spent more than 20 years listening to our clients, developing our industry partnerships, and improving our communication. Ask around and you will find that our reputation within the industry and among our customers is of the highest order. And then ask us how Legacy Homes can provide true value on your next home or major home renovation. You will not be disappointed.

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