Laurel View Homes Inc.

North York, Ontario

The Beginning:
Laurel View Homes can trace its beginning back to the mid 1970’s. That’s when the principals, Jerry Leiderman and Dave Mandel, both got involved in the residential construction industry. Jerry Leiderman’s initiation to the industry came by way of the land development process. After successfully developing two communities in southern Ontario, he shifted his focus to creating a master-planned cottage and retirement community catering to the Halifax market. This 10,000-acre community development was a resounding success. It was during this time that he began building houses for some of the Purchasers of his lots. It wasn’t long before he was a full-time home builder and a part-time land developer.

Dave Mandel’s introduction to the building industry came initially, by way of home renovations. With his success in this aspect of the industry under his belt, it was a natural progression for him to enter the home building field. His prior experience led to the building of custom homes in the Toronto marketplace.

The two principals of Laurel View Homes teamed up in the early 1990’s. They realized that they had a shared vision for their company.

The Vision:
Build for the long-term. A simple statement, but it entails a great deal. To effectively build for the long term, one has to create a strong team of dedicated and intelligent staff, trades, and suppliers so that the homes being delivered are consistently well-designed, well-priced, and located in communities that will deliver lasting value. At the same time, it is essential that the company deliver a superlative level of service to all the customers that have so generously placed their trust in the firm.

The Philosophy:
Enhance the quality of life through better design. At Laurel View Homes, we have made a commitment to being a design-leader in the home building industry. To that end, we introduced ‘open-concept’ living areas, volume spaces in key areas, media spaces, computer niches, luxury ensuite baths, walk-in pantries together with serveries, rear balconies accessible from the Master Suite, and large front porches making the homes more neighbourhood friendly. We also provide the design of great exteriors to the homes, complete with multiple elevations to enhance the overall experience of the streetscape.

But what truly makes us unique is the adherence to the philosophy that the customer is ‘number one’. To this end, we recognize that not all people are similar… each family has their own needs and desires. Our design team has made a commitment to leading edge design, but our customer may require something other than what we have created. Therefore, changes are welcome. Each home is personalized to our client’s choices… a reflection and appreciation of the individuality of our clients. In addition, we encourage the participation of our customers during the construction process. We make a post-framing inspection of the house available to all of our purchasers.

At Laurel View Homes, we realize that every house we build is someone’s dream home. It’s our greatest pleasure to turn your dreams into reality.

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