Landover Homes Inc.

Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

Landover literally means turning over land. Breaking ground. This simple action implies the realization of a very personal, very important and very valuable dream. That moment when the shimmering hope of what will be becomes the thrilling reality of what now is…

Since 1992, each Landover home has stood unmatched; because at Landover Homes, we don’t just build dream homes… We build reflections of you – original, remarkable and rich with character.

An industry-leading custom-home builder serving the character communities of Strathcona and Sturgeon Counties, Sherwood Park and Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Landover Homes is unmatched not just for our quality standards but for our highly personalized service and undivided, unwavering, one-on-one attention from our dedicated team of experts, including Landover Homes president Kerry Van Camp.

Any builder can spark imagination when promising the notion of a “dream” home, but we ask you to dream bigger. Dream better. Regardless of age or profession, family size or downtime preferences, yours is a life of truly defining moments, and you deserve it all – the big toys and the big joys, and a home carefully constructed to hold each and every one of them.

Our storied history of customer satisfaction is reflected by this, and by the fact that 90% of our business is generated by client referrals. Clients who understand that it’s never too late – or too soon – to find your ideal place in life.

Stop chasing your dream and find it here.

This is the place to hold the very heart of your family.

This is a Landover home.

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