Lagois Design-Build-Renovate

North Gower, Ontario

In 1984, we opened our doors, offering architectural design and building solutions. For years, we provided design-only services for clients and contractors. Then, in 2012, Herb Lagois decided to combine his dual expertise in both design and construction and launch Lagois Design Build Renovate –
Ottawa’s Renovation Specialists.

Today Lagois is a full-service design-build company. From starter home couples and young families to empty nesters and seniors choosing to live in place, Lagois helps clients transform their homes into spaces for LIVING.

Each of our clients is different and we respond to their needs case-by-case. Some have homes that are too small or too dark. Others have homes that are outdated or not to code. Some have poor storage options or lack of outdoor space. Others simply want a change, a refresh, or reinvention of the place they call home. And yes, some need a new home altogether.

Regardless of what each client needs, they know they can count on us to take care of all aspects of the project including architectural design, permit plans and documentation, sourcing all materials and managing the construction process from start to finish.

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