Kurmak Builders Inc.

Calgary, Alberta

Kurmak Builders is a boutique builder that helps you to design & renovate a custom home that is tailored to your lifestyle, your family & your values. After working with us, you’ll have a luxurious home that creates conversation, celebration and brings those you love closer.

We’ve spent decades refining our process so that working with us is a luxury experience in itself.  You don’t just get a finished product that you love, you get a team that care about your home and your family. 

We pride ourselves on deeply listening to what you need, want & desire for your renovation. Our team of experts will build on your vision to make it the best possible space for your family. At the end of the project, we want you to say: “I knew what I wanted, but it turned out so much better than expected.”

It can be scary making a large investment in your home. We want to minimize stress wherever we can during your project.  That’s why we provide our homeowners with a fully transparent lump sum quote that you can trust. We’ll always honour the price we quote, unless you want to make changes & add money or time to the renovation. You’re in the driver’s seat. If you don’t make any changes to the project, the price will be exactly as you see it today.

Let’s start the conversation about your next project. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation with one of our team experts.

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