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Edmonton, Alberta

About Klair Custom Homes

Working in the industry with a combined experience of over 30 years, the Klair Custom Homes team has gained extensive knowledge and comprehension about homebuilding.

We at Klair Homes genuinely believe in the excellence of the houses we are building for our clients. From start to finish, Klair Homes delivers quality, a variety of house plans, superb craftsmanship, and high customer satisfaction. Every house by Klair Homes is built with pride.

The endeavor to build a new home is an exciting yet daunting task. Klair Homes ensures that the process is smooth and carefully explained to our customer at every phase, resulting in a great final product that is exactly as the client desires. From site supervisors to in-office staff, everyone at Klair Homes is willing to answer any questions the homeowner may have.

Klair Homes is diverse in home designs and creates first-time starter homes up to high-end customized homes for each client’s specific wishes.

We take pride in giving you the ultimate service after taking possession throughout your warranty period. Our skilled and professional service team makes sure we provide you the best experience ever.


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