Keepsake Homes Ltd.

Calgary, Alberta


Keepsake Homes is constructed on a foundation of experience. Our principals have a reputation for service, quality and professionalism. We take pride in each home we build and we turn housing dreams into housing reality. Balancing form & function to make this a space you can spend your life in. We realize there is more to a home than just the exterior.

Every home we build is a solid promise to our customer. A promise of quality, consistency, character - and never compromise.

You can be sure when working with Keepsake homes, that your dreams, wished and feedback are taken into the highest of regard. Our goal is to have the same unyeilding passion for your home as you do!

Why Keepsake?

Keepsake's management team has a wealth of homebuilding and construction experience.

Our Expertise

Our ample experience has taught us the finer points of managing construction projects both large and small. Our team is always focused on delivering a finished product that exceeds the client's expectations. Our team's experience includes Building over 1000 single family homes all over the Lower Mainland and Okanogan. Construction has consisted of modest homes to multi-million dollar luxury homes. We have over 35 years of experience in the construction industry and our management team continues to build a reputation of both quality and excellence in the construction industry.

Our Philosophy

Success is built on quality, trust and value. These are the principals that we employ at Keepsake Homes. We know that a quality home product leads to a satisfied homeowner, and this is what drives our business priorities.”

Our Warranty

Our clients are seeking peace of mind and security in their purchase. As part of the National Home Warranty program, the structural integrity of every new house is covered for 5 years. In addition the rest of the house comes with a full coverage 1 year guarantee. We stand behind our work ensuring our clients sleep well at night.

Our Commitments

We commit to listen and understand. Our clients are important, and by truly listening we are able to serve their needs. Our satisfied clients are our most cherished assets. We commit to manage each project professionally. Every Keepsake Homes project is managed by an experienced project manager who spends time on the jobsite, applying our productivity and quality standards. With this, our projects stay on budget and on time.

We commit to develop and maintain relationships with vendors, based on mutual trust and respect. We recognize the value in these relationships, and we aim to demonstrate our value through ongoing excellence in home construction.

We commit to safety. The safety of our team is paramount to our success and we strive to ensure they have a safe and productive working environment. Plus, our policies ensure that safety standards exist to also protect any site visitors.


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