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Grande Prairie, Alberta

Company Profile

At KCM and Devonshire Homes, we take great pride in our designs and our workmanship because, at the end of the day, our homeowners and their happiness are our business.

Since 1987, KCM and Devonshire Homes Ltd. has been building exceptional quality homes in neighbourhoods throughout Grande Prairie, Alberta. We are committed to continuously raising the bar when it comes to industry standards, and offer excellent value in terms of design, construction, décor and after sales service.

Whether you purchased a home built on one of our first residential lots in South Circle Place, Crystal Heights or Country Club West, or you’re shopping for a new home where we’re currently building in O’Brien Lake or Northridge, our keen attention to detail makes it easy to identify a space that was designed and crafted by our company.


We offer clients incredible value for their money by building houses that are thoughtfully designed in line with what today’s families need from the place they call home. We take the time to understand what homebuyers want and expect and ensure open communication is maintained throughout every step of the process, from the date of purchase right through to the post-possession warranty.

Through careful attention to detail, we build homes that exceed expectations when it comes to the quality of their design, construction and décor. To put it simply, our homes don't just look great, they're quality structures from the ground up. We spend the extra time and money when building so that we can help reduce the unnecessary post-possession hassles of service and warranty items, for our clients. Visit our gallery for a sneak peek at some of the magnificent homes we’ve built in the past and those that are currently under construction!

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