Gatineau, Quebec

For Junic, being a family business is a source of pride! It’s this sense of pride that pushes each member of our team to work in synergy, with genuine family spirit, day after day. We value the unique talents and skills each employee brings to the table, because for us, employee satisfaction is as important as that of our customers. That’s probably why Junic employees report high job satisfaction and our turnover rate is virtually zero. The Junic experience is one where transparency, openness, and dialogue define the corporate culture. Junic is also known for being a dynamic and generous presence within the wider community – another way we allow our proud family spirit to shine.

For Junic, understanding the needs and aspirations of each of our customers is a priority. Above and beyond our excellent reputation for quality construction materials, we make every effort possible to understand each generation and provide properties in their image, designed to evolve according to their requirements. That’s why Junic emphasizes listening and interacting with every segment of its clientele; from young professionals, to first-time buyers, to families, to retirees. To achieve its mission of offering exceptional living environments that reflect their residents, Junic leverages social media platforms, where everyone is invited to express their opinion. The insight we gain from our conversations with people like you helps guide us in creating better, more comfortable homes, more welcoming neighbourhoods, and tighter-knit communities for every Junic homeowner!

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