Iqube Developments Ltd

Victoria, British Columbia

Welcome to iQube Developments Ltd.​

We bring our clients visions to fruition by building homes that not only provide high-quality and fiscal value, but also act as the backdrop in memories for decades to come. We treat people the way we want to be treated. With respect, courtesy, and honesty. We look forward to working with you to bring your vision to life.

Who We Are

Over 40 years ago, I began working for two senior home builders. What I learned from these two craftsmen still holds true: a well designed home, built with quality materials, by passionate trades people will maintain value. Providing the Best Value is what I base my business. Value and Honesty will provide you, the customer, with only the best solution. We follow a process of finding the best tradespeople and ensure they are competitive.​

Value is what makes iQube Developments Ltd. a wise choice to create your dream home. My handshake has value and in conjunction with proper contracts will minimize common "extras" billing problems. Keeping you on budget is my goal and I treat each house as if it was my own.We don't have people on salary in order to keep our overhead down. This is one of the reasons we will be able to build your house for the best value possible. We contract only the best tradespeople and let them do their job. In most cases the contractors we use are the same as the "finest home builders", but we negotiate each contract separately to ensure the customer doesn’t pay the premium of a singular supplier focused builder.​

Design is critical. A clear vision can be developed with proper communication between the client, builder and the designer. I have the ability to help with or create a vision for the site and how your home will fit. Hire the best and reap the reward. Making sure the house is economically buildable is another goal of our team. Some goals are worth spending the extra dollar, but in some cases a few small changes can provide a more economical solution. Invest your money in buildable design.​

What we charge is not based on percentage of cost because that leads to overbilling. We bill based on a total contract price with allowances for variable costs. You get to choose your fit and finish if you don’t like our designers perspectives. Any changes must be signed off with an agreed cost increase/decrease. Functionally, we charge a set price contract with draws necessary to pay the contractors bills. This ensures your money goes to the trade onsite and not to another job. A budget spreadsheet will keep the job on track.

In the end my goal is to help you envision your dream home and help build it on budget so you can enjoy the time and the process of building your dream. This process doesn't have to be stressful, but rather a great "decision filled" time, with the reward of enjoying your dream home at the end.​

Your home should be a unique work of art. The best use of technology with skilled labourers will create comfort and energy efficiency. Find out why we can build a fine home for you and do it for a realistic budget. We look forward to working with you.

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