Herity Limited

Toronto, Ontario

Herity began as a real estate developer and residential builder in 1977, and continues to be a recognized leader in that field. By building long term, successful relationships and putting an emphasis on trust, integrity, professionalism, and, above all, fairness, Herity has been able to successfully expand into different industry sectors. No matter the industry, the policies we’ve implemented over 40 years- striving to understand and exceed customer expectations, anticipating emerging market trends, and delivering consistent and reliable products and services- have allowed us to grow and diversify. Today, we pursue corporate opportunities that project long-term growth.

By focusing on our core set of principles, Herity has developed a reputation for working diligently and openly with strategic partners to create businesses that benefit everyone involved. Loyalty is key at all levels of transaction- with financial partners, suppliers, employees and customers. Operating at the hub of solid business practices, where experience, knowledge and commitment meet, Herity is poised to continue to maximize creative business practices across North America.

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