Haven Developments

Toronto, Ontario


We take ownership of the development cycle—from idea origination and evaluation through construction and rent commencement. We manage complex land use conversions to shape city skylines and capitalize on inherent real estate value. We understand community and stakeholder requirements. We lead the way through municipal approval processes. We help you understand the impacts of all decisions on financial returns. We fully integrate with your team. We help you define and meet your objectives.


  • We select our locations based on access to transit and infrastructure. We do this by working with municipalities and transportation authorities to understand their future.
  • Because we are shareholders in our developments, and our developments build our future, we are committed to the success and quality of every project.
  • We are involved in every aspect of the development, enabling us to maintain quality control throughout the entire process
  • We only work with partners and suppliers who are considered the gold standard in their area of expertise.
  • We only develop in areas in which we live. We do this because our intimate knowledge of the area ensures success.
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