Hamlet Homes Consulting

Kelowna, British Columbia

Hamlet Homes makes new home and renovation dreams come alive for homeowners and business owners in Kelowna and across the Okanagan Interior. We specialize in custom homes, commercial tenant improvements as well as bathroom, bedroom, basement, garage and deck additions and renovations.


Paul Day is the owner of Hamlet Homes Consulting and he has been building homes for over 40 years. He relocated to Canada from England in 2005. Upon arrival, he continued his passion for designing and building homes. Since then, Paul has been creating custom homes and performing renovations in BC. Paul’s vision for a construction business was born 20 years ago while he still resided in England. Once he arrived in Canada, he continued building his brainchild construction company, Hamlet Homes Consulting, after being appointed a project manager for the BC government. 


His love for building is exemplified in his genuine desire to help his clients realize their design concepts. He enjoys meeting new clients, addressing challenges, and formulating designer specs. One of the biggest advantages of meeting with Hamlet Homes Consulting is the peace of mind you will benefit from. Paul’s unparalleled industry expertise brings extensive knowledge to help you prepare for your project and protect your biggest investment.


Focusing mostly on consulting over building services, currently, Paul gives back to the community by working with Okanagan College on their trades and carpentry programs. To show their appreciation for Paul’s contributions, Okanagan College has dedicated an area in the college to Paul, dubbing it “The Hamlet Home Room.”

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