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‘Living cities’ is the strapline for the Grosvenor brand, focusing on an element in it – our understanding of cities –which we consider particularly important. This strapline has a dual meaning: on the one hand, it suggests successful places – specifically places which are alive and evolving; on the other hand, it suggests our approach – that we live, eat and breathe cities, having our finger on their pulse.  Both meanings matter.

‘Living cities’ is also the label we give to a key part in our strategy for meeting our shareholders’ objectives. Namely, that we use our expertise as stewards (asset managers) of existing properties, as place-makers (developers) of new projects, and as fiduciaries (fund managers) of capital to create high-quality places for people to enjoy and which use resources responsibly.

It is precisely because this concept of ‘Living cities’ is so crucial to our brand and our strategy that it colours every aspect of this website: we see it as part of our DNA.

Our 'Living cities' philosophy

Grosvenor aims to create high-quality places for people to enjoy and which use resources responsibly.

The benefits that stem from bringing together business clusters, schools and colleges, a skilled workforce and high connectivity are driving urbanisation around the world. The opportunity is for cities to grow in ways that are socially, economically and environmentally resilient in the face of global challenges.

Grosvenor’s long-term success in responding to these challenges depends on an imaginative approach to designing individual buildings, our larger-scale place-making activity and the expertise and commitment of our staff. We strive to bring new ideas to the creation of sustainable cities for future generations, while encouraging other city stakeholders to play their part.

We aim to grow our understanding and knowledge of cities and the challenges and opportunities facing them, and by doing so to evolve our ‘Living cities’ philosophy.

Our legacy will be the degree of our success as city stewards and creators of long-term value.

Our values

Our independence and heritage as a private company owned by the Grosvenor family has given us a very strong ethos, based on the enduring values of loyalty and integrity, concentration on the long-term and a passionate belief in real expertise. Our values, shared by our shareholders, are the bedrock of our brand. Only by upholding these values and honouring our commitments, day in and day out, will we ensure that trust in Grosvenor remains secure. 

You can read more about each of the elements of our brand in other parts of this website: our values, which we believe create a foundation of trust, our history of 300 years in property, our understanding of cities, and our specialist capabilities around the world.

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