Gilroy Homes

Regina, Saskatchewan


One thing I have learned building homes for over 40 years is that customers need the truth. We have aligned our staff so that the same person will guide you through the entire building process, from the time you imagine your life in a new neighborhood to the day you move into your new home. Our process is transparent. We do not make excuses, and we will not sacrifice the quality of your home in the name of saving time. Experienced suppliers and contractors work alongside our dedicated staff to build you a home you will be proud of. You will get exceptional service and value from Gilroy Homes, regardless of the size or features in your new home. Thank you for making us part of your plans.
– Terry Gilroy


We provide prompt, courteous, and thorough service to our customers.


We honour our customers’ needs in a caring, responsive and respectful manner. We will work with you in a spirit of trust.


We listen to our customers. We clearly respond with what can be expected of Gilroy Homes, and what is expected of our customer.


We are dedicated to providing an exceptional purchase experience and commit to treating customers in a truthful, fair, and honest manner.


We love building homes and are passionate about building better homes for our customers. We are open to new ideas and welcome suggestions.


We focus on quality throughout the purchase and construction of a new home. This includes the overall experience, the home itself, and the after-sales service.

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