Format Group Inc.

Toronto, Ontario

Format Group is a combination of Terracomm Group and Pegah, with over 40 years of combined experience, in the real estate development and construction, in the Greater Toronto Area ("GTA"). Their combined experience encompasses overseeing the development of major projects such as Cornell, Galleria, Cranberry Resort and the Markham Uptown communities and King Plus Condos; they bring their development expertise in land acquisition, project management and construction to their projects.

Format Group can provide investors and clients, in the GTA, with the expertise, resources and comprehensive services necessary to achieve maximum value creation on residential and mixed-use projects.

Our team expects to deliver an outstanding and cost-effective project every time. Through dedicated, transparent communication and demonstrated integrity, we build enduring relationships with our clients, and our team has an obligation to meet their expectations.

Every one of our projects is unique in its style and lives in harmony with the existing neighbourhood and enhances the surrounding community.

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