Forefield Development Group

Vancouver, British Columbia

We follow a set of principles that collectively result in homes we are proud to align with the FOREFIELD name.

We Build Homes For Local Families

Rooted in Vancouver and close to the community, we possess an intuitive sense of what local homeowners want. Our extensive experience building homes for families allows us to act with certainty, and leads to homes that families can confidently grow with.

We Are an Award Winning Team

We work with an award-winning team of architects, interior designers, consultants, suppliers, and builders. United, we deliver timeless architectural forms, elegant and functional interiors, and quality workmanship. Our standards are set high to exceed yours.

We Care

When it comes to design and quality, every decision we make and action we take is driven by homeowner satisfaction. After completion, we maintain our commitment to homeowners by providing excellent support and service as they begin their new lives in a FOREFIELD home.

We Build Communities

Our vision is to build lasting communities throughout Greater Vancouver. We work in tandem with local planners and community leaders to create vibrant communities, contributing to the neighbourhood and enhancing residents’ lives.

We Believe In Forward Thinking Vision

As a developer, we have a social responsibility to build sustainable homes. We focus on energy-saving features, smart material selection, and environmental awareness. Innovation is key, and we diligently research to find those technologies that improve quality of life