First Avenue Properties

Woodbridge, Ontario


Family driven since 1990.

As a family run business, we believe that sometimes the grandest visions manifest themselves in the smallest details. We are mindful in the size and scale of our organization and believe that we are a group who take pride in our ability to see these visions through ourselves.

Our organization is made up of two family generations: A combination of young minds and experienced professionals who bring unique perspectives to the table. It is our ability to collaborate on an intimately professional level that gives us a competitive edge and provides confidence to our purchasers.

Knowing our brand positively affects people’s lives every single day is what inspires us to do it again and again.

Our goal is to acquire and develop in locations that place you at the most sought-after intersections of the GTA. Seamlessly connecting you to transit nearby in addition to shops and services within walking distance. We want to create interconnected communities that effortlessly merge with the existing fabric of a neighbourhood.

Our company’s philosophy has remained the same: we do not cut corners. We believe that “if you’re going to do something, do it right” and we work with this mantra everyday as we invest ourselves in each stage of a project, from design to management.

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