En-Viro-Tec General Contracting Ltd.

Victoria, British Columbia

Have a project, want it to come in on time and on budget, from start to finish you can rely on our experience.

EnViroTec General Contractors, located in Victoria BC Canada was incorporated in 1991. It's safe to say this is a firm you can rely on to be there during and after the work we perform for you. With over 30 years of experience in home building and renovations there is not too much that we have not already seen and dealt with. When others pretend to know what they are talking about or seem to dwell on a created image, you might want to consider our real experience to offer the right advice with a very reasonable price. 

Have a project and need a developer or home builder? Our 30 years of experience whether handling our project or developing and building out your project can save you time and money. From planning to marketing, make the development of your project one you can be proud of and let us do the heavy lifting.

Building a new home or renovating your home, as a licsensed HPO builder and having a reputation for quality, we can provide you with a price for your project or manage it for a fee. Drive through our present project on the corner of Selwyn and Mill Hill or look for our upcoming subdivision at 102 Atkins. See our photo gallery. Checking around, you can't go wrong by putting us on your list.

Our affiliate Tyndal Distributors Ltd. can help with design, colour scheme, and carries a complete line of cabinetry, flooring, granite & quartz countertops.

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