Effect Home Builders Ltd.

Edmonton, Alberta

Our History

Effect started as a one-man show with Dale in rural Alberta. His work included renovating and building homes, agricultural buildings, and community halls. Dale became known for his high-quality workmanship, fairness and attention to detail.

When Dale moved to the city, he, Les and Dave saw an opportunity to join forces and establish their presence in the Edmonton market. Their focus on energy efficiency and their ability to build it better set them apart. Les took the lead on marketing and sales, while Dale and Dave were busy building. Behind the scenes they were always looking for innovative ways to improve on the status quo.

In 2008 they received environmental awards for the Mackenzie home, and in 2012 the Belgravia Green Net Zero energy project gained the company further exposure—winning local, provincial and national awards. This lead to further involvement in the net zero movement, with Dale as a member of the Canadian Home Building Association Net Zero Energy Housing Council. This forum allows Effect to share knowledge with other builders and Canadians.

Effect’s commitment to energy efficiency and using better building materials caught the attention of Mike Holmes, and was the catalyst for the strong relationship with the Holmes Approved Homes program.

The company grew, and some key leaders joined the team in 2010 who are instrumental to our success. Sydney Bond’s aptitude and dedication lead her to her current role as General Manager. Using his technical knowledge and team management skills, Dominic Emmelkamp guides the team through complex projects, with Will Berger supervising the sites, and Nick Harrington leading the on site crews.

Now, business continues to evolve with a recent move to a new office that showcases the company’s dedication to innovation and energy efficiency. This office is completely off the electrical grid and generates all it’s own heat and electricity on site.

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