Eagle Crest Construction

Calgary, Alberta


At Eagle Crest Construction design matters and building matters. Our new approach to building ensures that the built solution is done right.

We are a fast, friendly, and fully functional family run professional construction company that is well renowned throughout the Calgary area. We pride ourselves on doing what it takes and we care how it’s done.

Proven Quality

We are focused on delivering high quality products that stand the test of time. Eagle Crest Construction ensures that all members of the team are devoted to building quality projects.

New Approach

We are constantly changing our approach to meet the needs of our clients and the changing construction environment.


We build Residential, Commercial & Multi-Family projects. Our experienced team works with the objective of bringing your vision to life.

We work together with our consultants and the city to envision projects that meet the needs of a growing and diverse Calgary. With our method, we create highly functional products that are transitional in today’s modern design world.


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