Durwest Construction Management Inc.

Victoria, British Columbia

Durwest, established in 1979, evolved into full time construction management in 1983, and is owned by five partners that include Darcy Kray, Carl Novak, Devon Kray, Rhys Beasley and Taylor Holmes.

Virtually all our projects over the past 35+ years have been delivered under construction management as we work exclusively in construction and project management and do not undertake any general contracting or trade contracting work.  The result is a thorough understanding and focus on the management principles necessary to successfully deliver projects under the common mandate of budget, schedule and program.

Our clients include a mix of all levels of government, nonprofit societies and private developers.  Durwest brings a wealth of experience with not only the technical side of construction management but a project management ability, and if our clients so wish, to take the lead over the entire project to manage stakeholders, programs, consultants, budgets and schedules with a clear understanding of necessary reporting systems to management and boards.

Durwest offers a proactive and collaborative management style and a proven track record of providing the leadership necessary to build a cohesive team.  We have demonstrated an ability to create a co-operative environment conducive to allowing all participants to contribute to their full potential.

We have developed and refined management systems to maximize value through a comprehensive and formal project administration system and rigorous project control. Thirty five plus years in the management business has provided high quality references which attest to the integrity, dedication and work ethic we bring to each new project.



Our specialty is project management and construction management.  We have focused our efforts on refining our management system, in particular the preconstruction stage, to work on the owners behalf to accelerate schedules and improve construction methods.

Early Involvement

Durwest’s management expertise lies in the early participation of projects providing budgets, and then budget control through the design and construction stages by maintaining close working relationships with the consultant team.

Protecting your Interests

We work for the owner to produce a profitable and marketable project.  Although the fee of the Construction Manager is important, once it is established and set aside, managing of the Owners money to maximize their return on investment becomes the number one priority.


Through the application of construction management principles, Durwest has demonstrated the ability to contribute innovative thinking and provide the management system for efficient, economical and timely delivery of the client’s developments.


Durwest has developed systems in place for precise job cost control and the capability to identify potential budget problems should they arise. The construction manager must have an open accounting system that will provide the owner an easy audit trail as above all it is the owner’s funds we are managing. We are experienced in knowing where to look for opportunities to save money and have the incentive to expedite those opportunities.


Our commitment to specialization in construction management has developed our skills to understand the difference between managing and constructing a project. Construction is the product of the results of the planning process where as management is a participant in that process.  It requires proactive participation and leadership in the role of providing direction for schedule, budget, building systems and construction methods.

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