Dirham Homes

Grande Prairie, Alberta

Dirham Homes, was incorporated in 1976. Now, almost 35 years later, Dirham is leading the way in quality and expertise in the housing market here in Grande Prairie. Having built over 2,000 homes in Grande Prairie and surrounding areas since those early years, Dirham knows about responding to the market in order to consistently produce quality homes for satisfied customers.

Dirham builds to accommodate all levels of the housing market. In order to do this with efficiency and organization, Dirham Garage-less was created as a division of Dirham to build the entry-level homes without garages. These two divisions build approximately 100 homes per year, all with innovative style and affordability.

Dirham is also meeting the needs of a growing entry level market with our line of Multi-family homes. Building attractive quality constructed townhouses and duplexes for consumers looking for their own entry level home.

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