Large & Co. (Datatech Developments Inc.)

Victoria, British Columbia


Since 1962 Large and Co. has been actualizing prospective home owners dreams by providing community conscious homes. Large and Co. has enriched numerous communities through the creation and restoration of single family homes, duplexes, heritage homes, residential and commercial buildings.


Founded in 1890 est. the Larges started a carriage factory on Prince Edward Island. Mr. Large can be seen in the picture talking with the staff. The family farm still stands and is owned by the Large brothers.

In 1962 it all started when Earl Large and Ron Smith founded DataTech Systems Inc. One arm of the business focusing on computer based accounting and expanding to become the first independent computer maintenance company worldwide. The second arm of the business focused on commercial and residential developments.

In 1962 the first-floor of the Datatech building was constructed. With computers the size of smart cars and ‘keypunch’ cards used to drive them, Datatech was leading the way, automating payroll for local companies like Slegg Lumber. In 1972 the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floor were added and rented to a variety of tenants. In 2005 Earls vision for the building lead to the 3rd and 4th floor becoming the Datatech Business Centre, a place where small businesses can have an office space in a vibrant business community.

Datatech Systems Inc. sells the computer maintenance division and focuses solely on property development as Large and Co.

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