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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The D&S Story

In 1977, Dennis Slater had a passion for building homes, a desire to run his own business, and an opportunity to make his mark in Saskatoon, so he founded D&S Homes and built his first home at 265 Assiniboine Drive. He funneled the proceeds from the sale into his next project, and D&S was under way.

From the beginning, D&S - “Dennis & Sons” - was a family affair. Youngest son Troy was tasked with land development, Derrick became the on-site foreman for all home and building construction, while oldest son Duane took on the role of new home sales manager, until his passing in June 2017. Our company has always been focused on the family, from a management point of view down to the style of homes we build. Simply put, we’ll build homes for your families with the same care, quality and attention to detail that we put into homes for our families.

In 2007, we decided to branch out to Regina, and acquired land for our first subdivision - Stonepoint Estates - which quickly sold out. Our latest offering is the spectacular lakeside community Spruce Creek Estates, just east of Regina. In 2011, we acquired the Greenbryre Golf & Country Club, and redesigned the course to make room for Saskatoon’s newest luxury housing development, Greenbryre Estates.

All told, we’ve built over 800 homes in Saskatchewan over the last 40 years, and business is better than ever. Times have changed, but our commitment to customer satisfaction and our strong family dynamic hasn’t.

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