Cruz Custom Homes

Calgary, Alberta

About Cruz Homes

Innovation, Quality, Custom Layout & Design, Good Relationships

Cruz Custom Homes is a Calgary based home builder specializing in building premier luxury homes within Calgary’s most desired inner city communities. Offering our customers the opportunity to experience the comfort and benefits associated with a new luxury home in the heart of Calgary’s most established and sought after neighbourhoods.

Each one of our homes is designed to maximize the use and functionality of the space we have available, offering large bedrooms, open floor plans and luxury master en suites. Every part of your home, from the foundation to the floorboards, is built to the highest finish our company stress quality is each and every one of its homes. That attention to detail is what ensures a luxury product. Our homes are designed to be truly original in its design and materials.


The potential to create a new aesthetic in the old Calgary neighborhoods is limitless. On the site of your dreams, Cruz Custom Homes can help bring your design vision to life and build your own piece of perfection in a modern Calgary home. We’re with you from concept to completion, including interior design and landscaping.


Cruz Custom Homes takes immense pride in building the highest quality home possible for our clients.  By handpicking our partners, keeping strict guidelines, constantly monitoring quality, and maintaining a hands-on approach, Cruz Custom Homes is able to ensure the highest quality from the ground up.

Custom Layout and Design

At Cruz Custom Homes, we believe it’s our job to build the masterpiece that will house your most important and personal treasures. No family is like yours and you deserve a custom-designed and built home that will bring you and your family countless years of enjoyment. The Cruz Home’s staff works with you every step of the way to ensure that the new home fits harmoniously into its new environment, and your life.

Our clients work closely with our own personal architect and interior designer to create a floor plan and pursue furnishings. Plans are revised as many times as necessary until the design is absolutely ideal. After plans have been approved and finalized, we begin construction. By taking the time to meticulously analyze the floor plan and elevations with you and the architect, Cruz Custom Homes provides a unique home that not only looks beautiful, but also gives you a sense of pride.

Competitive Pricing

Cruz Custom Homes strives to not only build your dream home, but do so efficiently and affordably. We will work with you to discuss and contemplate the cost and efficiencies of different design and structural solutions. Working closely with you as your home building partner, we are committed to developing a plan to accommodate your family’s desires while still delivering a competitive price.

Good Relationships

We understand the importance of building a strong, lasting relationship with our clients through maintaining a constant, open line of communication and delivering on our promise to build a home on time and within budget.

Via our website, clients are able to log in to their personal home project and observe its progress through photos and log books, anytime of day or night. That means desktop or simply on the mobile phone or tablet.  Our certified contractors keep detailed and up-to-date records on all projects that are upload to the website on a regular basis.

Thank You

Thanks for taking the time to see what we have to offer. As lifelong residents of Calgary, we are dedicated to helping residents build the home they have always wanted in a city we take such pride in.