Coram Construction Solutions Inc.

Toronto, Ontario

About Coram Construction Solutions Inc.

Coram Construction Solutions Inc. is a member of The Ramland Group of companies. Incorporated in October of 1993, Coram Construction Solutions Inc. is the design builder to a host of interests. The Corporation continues a 50 year family tradition of providing professional services and quality workmanship in a forward-thinking fully integrated real estate organization. Coram participates in the development and construction of institutional and residential developments.

The Melchior Family controls the Ramland Group of Companies. Our founder, Albert Melchior, started on-site in 1945 mixing mortar. Graduating through the fields of house builder & apartment house builder he moved onto high-rise residential, institutional, and commercial projects. A similar hands-on apprenticeship was encouraged for sons Randy Melchior and Matthew Melchior insisting that each "earn their stripes". This apprenticeship provided the experience to appreciate subtleties and challenges encountered throughout the project life cycle.

Under the stewardship of the brothers, Coram has developed and maintains the systems needed to control construction budgets and schedules to ensure cost effective and timely production. Our team of experienced construction and accounting manager’s advocate a carefully monitored hands on approach regarding all aspects of a project. Additionally, Coram has established long term relationships with prominent financiers, legal firms, accountants, design consultants, tradesmen, and inspection firms to ensure that appropriate and professional support is present throughout the project life cycle. This strong corporate and personal relationship assures a cost effective quality project for our clientele.

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