CODA Homes Ltd

Victoria, British Columbia

Who We Are

CODA HOMES is a family-run licensed residential home builder based in Victoria, British Columbia on Vancouver Island and a member of Victoria Residential Builders Association. (VRBA) 

CODA is not an average builder and does not build average homes. As a family enterprise, CODA stands proud behind a commitment to quality. CODA listens to the needs of every client to design homes that meet the functional needs of the modern homeowner.

Energy Star licensed with NRC Canada, every CODA home is built green to high efficiency standards. CODA Homes builds quality for life.

What We Do

Specializing in efficient, quality residential projects, CODA homes are  built to suit the unique lifestyle of the modern homeowner by design.  

Driven to exceed ordinary expectations, CODA HOMES is dedicated to Building Quality for Life. CODA HOMES only uses experienced professional trades who back their work with full warranty. 

Our Customer Care policy insures construction issues are promptly addressed with minimum client  inconvenience. As a licensed builder, the CODA warranty ensures our commitment to quality for every CODA customer. 

Coda is Green

Environmentally friendly by design, CODA home exteriors reflect the  west coast habitat featuring stone, timber and other natural materials.  CODA homes are positioned to take advantage of natural light and feature  energy efficient technologies. Striving to minimize ecological  footprint with every project, CODA HOMES reduces unnecessary construction waste and uses environmentally conscientious construction products.

All of our homes are energy modeled and registered as Energuide/Energy Star with NRC Canada. Our homes consistently exceed bench marks by at least 30%. 

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