Cidex Group of Companies

Calgary, Alberta


Cidex has over 30 years of experience in residential and mixed-use development and is recognized for their excellence throughout Alberta, British Columbia and California. Cidex’s positive, productive relationships with municipal authorities, regulatory bodies, and local consultants in the Alberta area is an asset that they bring to the table and ensures the smooth development of any project they take on. 

Cidex is committed to providing excellent service and deliver lasting value in every home they create - the essential elements in earning customers’ lasting loyalty and trust. 


Cidex’s successful history is attributed to their unique advantage as a fully integrated developer. They offer in-house expertise from land acquisition and planning to construction and property management. Keeping these services in their control allows high quality standards to be monitored and the greatest amount of accountability achieved. The company’s large portfolio of projects includes all scales of development and target markets that are delivered through this integrated approach. 

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