Chelsea Sky's

Calgary, Alberta


Chelsea Sky's is shaping the future in the region through real-estate developments, land assessments & acquisition, design, and project management


As a vertically integrated real estate developer, Chelsea Skys’s manages all aspects of the Project, from acquisition process, zoning, analysis to business plan designs, financial underwriting, deal structuring and partnership to ongoing construction and property management.


Our in house team of expertise evaluates the property acquisition recommendations from legal, financial & resources perspective, and judge the feasibility of the prospective investment. Furthermore, our experts manage the coordination between activities of the organization, investors, clients, real-estate brokers & property developers.


Our design team is driven by a belief that the quality of our surroundings has a direct influence on the quality of our lives, whether at home or workplace. Design in that sense is all embracing,ranging from the functional and environmental performance of a building, to a concern of its physical and cultural context. The interior quality of light, the choice of materials, the use of color, and the selection of furnishings and works of art are coordinated as a part of the overall scheme. In fact, each element of the design involves the same process of questioning and refinement as the building itself.


The project management team provides in house management expertise; allowing Chelsea Sky’s to deliver an integrated service to clients throughout the life cycle of a project, from concept, through construction to completion. The team’s activities include: consultants coordination, budgeting, cost management, resource management, contract management and administration.


Starts with hands on approach, Chelsea Sky’s has a full team of construction management professionals dedicated to overseeing the development and repositioning of residential and mixed use projects. The team success in construction management, dedicated ability to seamlessly manage every step of the development and construction process including: accurate cost budgeting, estimating, material purchasing, value engineering, contract negotiations, general and sub-contractor supervision and overall project management. Slate oversees all third party construction, and assembles a team of contractors, subcontractors, and vendors that are best suited to execute each project on schedule within budget parameters.


A solid Knowledge of property operations and systems, coupled with a hand on approach, ensures the property care of the company’s assets, their long term retention of value, and a great product for the group end user. The company assigns a team of highly skilled property management and leasing professionals, that works in conjunction with an asset management team, in order to ensure that each property is operating in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. Attention to detail, along with strong working relationships with tenants, vendors, and local agencies qualifies Chelsea Sky’s to be among the most reputable real estate developers with highly sought after properties.

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