Chaparral Industries Inc.

Kelowna, British Columbia

When the Pushor family bought Chaparral Industries Inc. in 2006, the company had already been building modular homes and buildings for nearly 40 years. Even in the early days of the 1970’s, Chaparral was known for quality and for customization.

Over the years, we’ve been able to maintain that reputation because we bring together a team of skilled tradespersons and attentive staff committed to excellence and proud of every home that leaves our plant. These are not machines building structures for the masses. These are people building homes for The Andersons, classrooms for the preschoolers, and offices for family businesses like ours.

We’re proud to be small enough to know our customers’ names, and yet have the experience, equipment and flexibility to custom design and build the kind of modular homes Canada trusts for their superior construction, nearly endless design possibilities, and the friendly people who bring wishlists to life along the way. Because we sell and build our homes and structures right here, we pass on valuable savings while offering customers outstanding guidance and support as well as fine workmanship and attention to detail.

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