CastleRock Communities

Houston, Texas

Why CastleRock

In our 18 years of building homes across Texas, more than 15,000 families have placed their trust in CastleRock to build safe, high-quality homes with you and your family’s well-being in mind. We’re dedicated to not only building homes but also “Community”. We take pride in creating a foundation to build your lives upon while serving you with honesty, thoughtfulness, and integrity along the way. These elements are the core responsibilities of CastleRock and what makes us different.  

Establishing a Rock Solid Foundation

Building a new home is a multi-step process that involves work from local contractors, suppliers, and inspectors. After almost two decades of building new homes in the Texas market, we’ve created strong relationships with our talented suppliers, architects, engineers, inspectors, carpenters, mechanical trades, and craftsmen. We work closely with each of these individuals to build quality homes for thousands of families. Our experienced Construction Managers are there to supervise every step of the process and will ensure your new home adheres to our stringent quality assurance guidelines.

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