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North York, Ontario

About us

Castle form Developments Inc.

As one of GTA’s foremost premium developers, we are building luxury custom homes with an ecologically conscious mind. We understand the importance of preserving our environment and natural resources, therefore we are proud to focus our efforts towards building sustainable homes. From energy efficiency measures to the careful selection of building materials, every feature of our homes will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases, reduce the consumption of our natural resources, and ultimately lower your cost of utilities.

We understand the importance of customer service and satisfaction. That is why we have an open line of communication policy. Where our customers can quickly contact the company’s President and have their issues addressed accordingly in a timely fashion.

From LEED certified to Energy Star homes, Castleform Developments Inc. is quickly becoming recognized for their quality built homes, and received an award of distinction at the Ontario Home Builders Association (OHBA) awards gala. Castleform Developments Inc. enjoys the challenge of implementing new assemblies, and improves their homes by expanding their skills as more energy efficient technologies become available. Always keen to upgrade their knowledge, the company believes in the philosophy of how you never stop learning, even when you think you know it all.

Building Luxury

We have been building homes with, what most builders call upgrades, as our standard finishes. Granite counter tops, faucets, flooring, cabinets, the list goes on and on. We believe in giving our customers the most value for their money, right from the get go. These upgraded finishes were built into the design of our homes from the beginning. What is standard to us is considered upgrade for most builders. We will continue to add new features as “Castleform Developments’ standard features” when we see that it makes sense to include it in our homes. Now that’s value for your money.

Sustainable Developments

We understand and recognize that there is a huge demand for energy efficient, sustainable homes. Due to the cost of utilities increasing every year, our natural resources being consumed at an alarming rate, and our environment paying the price for our irresponsible practices, these reasons are why we design and build homes that will mitigate these adverse effects, while saving you money on water, heating, cooling, lighting, etc. The indoor air quality is much higher, thereby giving our home owners a more comfortable home to live in. The building envelope is much tighter than your Ontario building code home. We are very proud using the Energy Star standards as our building standard baseline for every home. Our home owners appreciate the value of saving money on their utility bills, and doing their part for our environment, which is why we will continue to build to that standard and beyond. By careful selection of sustainable materials and energy efficient features of our homes, we are essentially helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We want to build a healthier, sustainable environment for future generation to live in.

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