CanSwede Homes Inc.

Ottawa, Ontario

CanSwede Homes is a team of experienced construction professionals working to transform your ideas into reality. Led by our experienced President, Henric Alfredsson, we provide complete design-build services that guide you through every step of creating a new home – from concept and consultation through building and finishing.


O’Keefe Fiorenza Design Group is an Ottawa-based, multi-disciplinary design firm specializing in custom residential design. Design partners Dylan O’Keefe and Haley Fiorenza are experienced professionals in the design and construction industry; Dylan has a Master’s Degree in architecture and Haley is a Registered Interior Designer. Together, Dylan and Haley guide clients through the full process of custom home design – beginning with a site assessment and architectural concept, through to interior details, finishes, fixtures and construction follow through.

Their philosophy is to provide clients with a design and construction solution that is custom tailored to meet specific needs and tastes. Drawing inspiration from elements of fashion, art and design, Dylan and Haley work symbiotically to create a bespoke experience, injecting timeless elegance with the rigour of modernism. This is an architectural embodiment of the client’s unique story.

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