Canada Lands Company

Toronto, Ontario


Canada Lands Company is a self-financing, federal Crown corporation that specializes in real estate, development and attractions management. The company’s goal in all it does is to produce the best possible benefit for Canadian communities and the Government of Canada. Canada Lands Company works to achieve its mandate with industry leading expertise; the company prides itself on its consultation based approach to pursuing community-oriented goals, environmental stewardship and heritage commemoration with all its projects across Canada.

The company’s activities ensure that former government properties are redeveloped or managed in accordance with their highest and best use, and that they are harmoniously reintegrated into local communities. Our goal is to help transform surplus parcels and reshape them to meet the needs of Canadians with inspiring and sustainable new neighbourhoods in which they can live, work and play.


Canada Lands Company is a self-financing, federal Crown corporation that reports to the Parliament of Canada through the Minister of Public Services and Procurement and Accessibility.

Canada Lands Company works to enrich the everyday lives of Canadians by embracing the potential of the places and spaces it owns and operates, while also curating memorable experiences. Leveraging its subsidiaries, the Company transforms former Government of Canada properties and reintegrates them into local communities while ensuring their long-term sustainability and commercial viability. Canada Lands Company also holds, invests in and manages world-renowned Canadian attractions such as the CN Tower and Downsview Park in Toronto, the Old Port of Montréal and the Montréal Science Centre. Through it all, the Company strives to deliver the best value and financial return to Canadians. 

Canada Lands Company receives no government appropriations and pays any profits not required for its operations as annual dividends to the federal government. Since its reactivation in 1995, the Company has achieved success in its many endeavours across the country, including contributions of more than $905 million to the Government of Canada in the form of dividends issued, note repayments and income taxes paid.

For more information about Canada Lands Company’s activities over the years, we encourage you to browse our success stories and view our annual reports archive.

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