Burnac Holdings Limited

Toronto, Ontario

When Chaim Burnett started his fresh produce trucking business over 60 years ago, the name Burnac Corporation was far from his mind.

Chaim’s one-man trucking company evolved into a major food distribution company—Provincial Fruit Co. Limited.  Today, this food distribution company has developed into a new state-of-the-art produce distribution centre known as Burnac Produce Limited.

In 1964, Joseph, a lawyer, founded a mortgage lending business financing commercial developments. This business was a predecessor to Burnac Corporation. Noting the success of its borrowers, a decision was made to incorporate Burnac Leaseholds Limited, a real estate development company. In 1976, Burnac began developing shopping centres across Eastern Canada. Ted, a lawyer, joined Burnac in 1987 as President of its real estate division. The company continues to be actively involved in the development and management of commercial real estate communities. In addition to a number of regional and community malls, both existing and under development, Burnac’s roster of commercial properties includes major tenants across Canada.

In 1992, Burnac’s principals seized an opportunity to further their interests in the business of high-end luxury goods. The acquisition of Royal de Versailles Jewellers fit well with their vision. Located at 101 Bloor Street West, Royal de Versailles offers a distinguished line of fine watches, jewellery and gifts. The store also offers in-house jewellery manufacturing and repair/restoration services. Specialty jewellery events are also held several times a year, attracting clientele from around the world.

Vision. Innovation. Imagination. Leadership. These are but a few of the qualities that have made Burnac what it is today. With a successful history of growth and diversity, we are well positioned to embrace new opportunities as they arise. Burnac strongly believes in building relationships with companies and individuals who share our drive for success.

Burnac is a wholly-owned, Canadian, family business with its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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