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Brookfield Residential

Brookfield Residential is a leading North American new home builder and land developer with one goal in mind - to create the best places to call home. From the development of award-winning master-planned communities, to the design and construction of premier homes and commercial properties, we are committed to cultivating an exceptional life experience for our customers.


Creating the best places to call home goes beyond the high-quality homes we build and sell to customers.

To us, it’s also about developing sustainable communities that truly make a difference in people’s lives, no matter what stage of life they are in. Together, we build special places where people live their best lives, connect with neighbors, and take advantage of all the amenities outside their front door.


Creating community is at the heart of our business. We build lasting communities that are thoughtfully designed and that provide comfort, inclusiveness and a sense of place. When you choose a home in a Brookfield Residential community, you’re getting more than four walls and a roof. You become part of a neighborhood that will shape your life for years to come.


Our homes, just like our communities, are built to add value and to enrich the quality of life for our homebuyers. From multifamily projects and townhomes to single-family and luxury homes, we offer a variety of designs and features to meet the needs of varying lifestyles and budgets.


We strive to create exceptional experiences in every relationship and the many awards we’ve received over the years are testaments to this commitment. From the moment you choose your lot to the moment you get the keys to your new home and even after you’ve moved in, we work hard to ensure that we’re meeting the needs of you and your family. After all, you’re part of our Brookfield Residential family now.

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