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Richmond Hill, Ontario

About Us

Building Forward

The Briarwood Development Group has established itself as one of the foremost names in the new home industry. We are leading the way in creating and building distinctive landmark residential properties. Briarwood residences offer certified architectural designs and open concept interiors with features that maximize on innovative ideas and thinking. Our mandate is to inspire You - today’s sophisticated new homebuyer - fulfilling your desire for livable and sustainable environments.

The Right Places for Every Family

Our first endeavor is to fulfill the Briarwood ideal of choosing the right principality. We diligently search for superior locations with elements that embrace, articulate plus preserve nature’s design. Knowledgeable decisions and thoughtful planning goes into each element of every community deciphering the right type and style of homes required for the right demographic.

Creating Something Extraordinary

The next important focus is to creatively introduce attributes like parks and public spaces that are all interwoven into thoughtfully planned beautiful streetscapes. Ease of access to everyday amenities and being well connected is also a important ingredient. All this attention influences and culminates into extraordinary communities matched with perfect lifestyles. 

Your New Home is a Reflection of You

The talented people of The Briarwood Group actively pursue and renew each day the precept of Building Forward to meet the critical demand of new home ownership. Briarwood proudly welcomes you to their family and becomes your building partner from very first visit to one of our presentation centers until well after you have moved in. All homes are built with a focus on responsibility, care and meticulous attention to the fine details and include the proper mix of old world craftsmanship and modern innovations. Our specialized staff is there to facilitate a streamlined interior selection process helping you to realize the new home that fulfills your dreams.

Ensuring Value and Investment

Our well chosen portfolio includes modern urban planned spaces with condos and townhomes, customized affordable luxury homes, family first communities with spacious singles and boutique infil neighbourhoods. Whichever your choose, Briarwood delivers unique and remarkable family homes and living spaces that are synonymous with exceptional value, ensuring a great investment for you and your family. The Briarwood Development Group prides itself on being a leader in our industry and always building forward for a better future for everyone.

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