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A business rooted in family values...

Founded on a value-based approach, for over 25 years Bri-mor Developments has committed to establishing long-term relationships with our partners and community members. This continued investment in our partnerships has allowed us to expand from commercial and real estate asset management into real estate development across retail, office, industrial and residential industry sectors.

Even with the passage of time, our commitment to creating mutual value has not changed for our partners, those who live within our communities or our tenants. We remain committed to our vision of developing communities where people are proud to live, work and play.


Our Story

In 1988, the vision of Bri-mor Developments was inspired by the very building blocks of the real estate industry – bricks and mortar – symbolizing the strong foundation a business must be built upon for a successful future. Haider Dhanani founded the family run company on a value-based approach to managing real estate assets with a commitment to strong partnerships that deliver results and a focus on trust, mutual value creation and a strong work ethic. His vision and personal character are epitomized in the culture of the organization today and in Bri-mor’s progress that continues to leave a lasting legacy of Haider’s character.

Beginning as a real estate property and asset management company, over the past 25 years Bri-mor Developments has grown into a multi-faceted real estate organization covering asset management, real estate development and investments across several asset classes in both residential and commercial real estate. While the inception of Bri-mor and the values upon which it was founded rests with Haider, it was his wife Fatima, who took the reins of Bri-mor after his passing with a personal resolve to celebrate her late husband and carry on his vision. In 1997, Fatima chose to grow beyond asset management and take on the opportunity to develop land and build her first industrial warehouse project.

Over 25 years, Fatima has developed projects and managed over 300,000 square feet and 600 residential units. While her achievements are vast, her appreciation is always focused on her faith, her family, friends and the irreplaceable team that supported her along the way.

As a continuation to the family tradition, Fatima and Haider’s son Aleem Dhanani, joined the family business in 2008 and has continued to grow Bri-mor in his father’s footsteps alongside his mother. Together, Fatima and Aleem contiue to deliver value to all its partners through their individual knowledge and experience and collaborative partnership.

As we grow together with our team, Bri-mor Developments will continue to bring value to the communities it develops within and to the partners who vest their trust in Bri-mor.

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