Brenmar Construction Corp.

Ottawa, Ontario

The Brenmar Story
Under the leadership of Greg Clunie, Brenmar Construction Corporation began operations in 2001. With more than thirty years of experience in the region’s construction industry, Greg and Brenmar’s team of construction professionals are visionary builders.

Brenmar has played a key role in building some of the most outstanding and award winning homes in the Ottawa area. Bringing your dreams to reality is one thing; building with quality, honesty and integrity is another.

Within its team of on-site construction specialists and project managers, Brenmar’s strength lies in its experience and principles. These qualities make Brenmar a preferred choice in building superb custom homes. Driven by a passion to realize the dreams of the discerning few, Brenmar’s custom homes are unique and without limits in achieving what your imagination envisions.

Brenmar’s vast experience is translated, through its superior building processes, into the ultimate custom home building experience and a home that realizes your dream. Today, Brenmar is an award winning builder, and a multi-year recipient of Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association’s Housing Design Awards for the best Custom homes over 3,500 and 6,000 square feet.

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