Bloomfield homes

Richmond Hill, Ontario

Empowering clients and investors across the GTA.

Welcome to the Bloomfield Group. We are a leading construction and development organization dedicated to creating value for our clients and investors in evolving, diverse communities across the province of Ontario.

Leadership. Collaboration. Results.

Through leadership and collaboration, we have built a reputation as a unique and well-respected provider of quality built homes across the region. Today, we offer a myriad of options, with a 10 year history in traditional homebuilding, and custom homes.

Led by principles. Driven by integrity.

From land acquisition to flawless execution, we deliver a diverse range of home building needs. To achieve excellence and produce high-quality, well-built buildings and spaces through innovative thinking and techniques while maintaining our core values and integrity.

An organization driven to excel.

Bloomfield brings an unwavering determination to excel in an industry that is fiercely competitive. It has allowed us to grow as a customer-focused, trusted and valued developer. As an organization driven to excel, we continue to refresh our core services with a stronger and broader portfolio of projects.

In-depth market intelligence and management expertise.

Today, we can proudly claim to have established ourselves as a leading developer and property solutions provider. Long-standing partnerships on the development front help us differentiate ourselves. Launching successful projects has not only allowed our business to grow, but also helped shape entities that are serving as sustainable models worth emulating.

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