Black Wolf Building and Design Ltd.

Victoria, British Columbia

From conception and design through to home completion, Black Wolf Building and Design Ltd offers an uprecidented quality and service to its Vancouver Island clients. Since 2008, we have offered our customers the opportunity to enjoy our fine products; be it small to large renovation projects or large custom home builds. Black Wolf’s building team is composed of qualified and passionate, ‘hand picked’ employees who understand our high level of commitment to our customers. They bring the consistency and quality workmanship that Black Wolf is built on.


The team at Black Wolf will work with you through the arduous planning stage and get your desired project on its feet.  From preliminary design through the permitting stage and onto the build phase, the Black Wolf team will work with you to ensure that your idea’s are best brought to life and put to use in conjuction with quality rarely seen in the industry, and with the implementation of the latest building technology and practices.  

Throughout the process, the team will ensure our clients are up to speed with where the project is at through both detailed invoicing and regular budget reviews.  Project transparency is very important to us throughout the entire process to ensure not only that there are no surprises, but that our clients find themselves at the end of the project having really enjoyed the entire process.


The Black Wolf team is comprised of many certified journeyman carpenter’s and dedicated and passionate tradesmen apprentices and artisans, as well as many key designers and sub trades over the years which help to facilitate providing a high quality product in the fastest timeframe.  Our long lasting relationship with the tradesmen offers control and consistency in our product and therefore piece of mind for our customers.

The collective team and active ‘network’ is certainly a very integral part of the value that we offer our clients.   Black Wolf encourages it’s passionate employee’s in the development of their skill through sponsorship in national carpentry apprentice programs.  These many attributes help to create a positive and growing attitude in our staff work environment and and in turn a positive experience for our clients. 

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