Bestfame Group Inc.

Richmond Hill, Ontario

Bestfame Group Inc. is a small builder and developer based in Toronto, Canada, specializing in low-rise investment and construction. Custome Homes and Prefab Homes are our main business directions. We have projects in the Greater Toronto area of ​​York Mills, Willowdale, Bayview Village, German Mills and Georgina.

Bestfame is a Chinese-owned team managed by Mr. Zhao Wenwu in 2012. Mr. Zhao received a master's degree in environmental studies from Lund University and a master's degree in business administration from the University of Liverpool. Before immigrating to Canada, Mr. Zhao taught at the Qingdao Institute of Architecture and Engineering for many years. After immigrating to Canada, he worked for a well-known luxury construction company.

In 2017, Beifu became a registered builder (Registration No. 46319) through strict audit and evaluation by Tarion. We can not only build the owner's own housing, but also build projects for public sales. Beifu is also an authorized builder and agent of Canada's prefabricated Prefab Homes producer Guildcrest, able to use prefabricated house technology to efficiently and efficiently complete home construction.

Our advantage

  • Tarion registered builder, Guildcrest authorized builders and agents
  • The management team has received rigorous training and assessment
  • Management team has many years of design and construction experience
  • Forward-looking design that takes into account the future of the home
  • Good and extensive industry relations, with extreme price advantage
  • Family long-term business, integrity and rigorous and reliable
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