Bengel Contracting Ltd.

Leduc, Alberta


“Custom building is in our blood.”

Bengel Custom Homes seeks to provide some of the highest quality customized home building and renovation services in Leduc and the greater central Alberta area.

Constant research into the leading trends and technologies, allow us to consistently deliver superior craftsmanship in everything from renovations to brand new home builds. Our modern methods and styles, allow us to bring the “luxury home” feel even to the tightest budgets.

Our team is extremely passionate about working together in every facet of a job. Each member of our highly professional crew brings multiple years of experience to your project. Our devotion knowledge and commitment to your happiness is what keeps us seeking perfection.

We understand that  a custom home or renovation is more than the labor – it’s a reflection of its owners. We help you create spaces where memories can be made day after day. More often than not, it is also a person’s largest asset. For all of this, we strive to ensure each client’s experience is clear, enjoyable and exceptional.

In the art of custom home building, precision and innovation is required in the field as well as behind the scenes. We focus on thorough planning and seamless coordination throughout our team to provide you with the most unique designs as well as the highest quality experience. We pride ourselves in bringing our best when architects raise the bar, building highly demanding projects without sacrificing the services we provide you.

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