Backyard Bungalows Inc.

Victoria, British Columbia

What we do

When deciding to build a suite, homeowners are faced with hiring a general contractor, hiring an architect, hiring an interior designer, hiring an engineer, possibly arranging financing, submitting applications to the city, and much more. This costs the homeowner time and money. With Backyard Bungalows we take care of all that for you. You simply choose from predesigned homes and then customize to your needs and tastes. We specialize in designing and building small homes. From award winning interior designer to exceptional warranty to a complimentary property assessment, we're the right choice.

Our Approach

We are a full service, fully licensed and warrantied builders that take care of Design, Permits, Sub trades, Professionals, Building, Project Management, Clean up, Appliances, Landscaping, etc.

  • Exceptional Warranty
  • Complimentary Property Assessment
  • Award Winning Designer Layouts
  • Designs and Furniture to Maximize Space
  • Financing Assistance
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