Aspect Home Builders

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


ASPECT Home Builders is a modern development company that strives to design and create architecturally distinguished homes. Our hope is that the buildings we create can become homes to those who dwell in them. In a saturated development market, it is our passion to carve a niche, establish relationship with our clients, work outside of the confines of traditional design, and create a home that is perfect for you. With expertise in custom homes, infill projects, BONE Structure and design builds, we strive to create unique homes for unique people.


Beginning in the early Spring of 2013 with an infill house in Saskatoon, ASPECT Home Builders started small and simple. From day one it has been our goal to establish a well defined niche for ourselves. In Saskatoon, the housing market was saturated and lead to very many home development companies starting up. It seemed that the majority of these companies were doing the same thing, building cookie-cutter, track homes. There were blocks where you would see the exact same house, two or three times. Developers were just out to make money, building very simple, cheap, and uninviting houses. It did not appear that creativity or aesthetic was a primary concern, if at all. We saw this issue and wanted to stray from the herd.

Partnering with Con-Tech General Contractors in Summer 2014, ASPECT Home Builders is now the Saskatoon builder for BONE Structure. This is a revolutionary, Canadian, building system. We focus primarily on infill development due to the centralized nature of a city and the natural beauty that is found in these well developed and mature areas. By pushing for design distinction, modern, next level, infill houses, ASPECT has carved their niche in the Saskatoon housing market.


Our core values are the underlying and guiding principles that we apply to all business decisions and actions. They are treated as “above all else" principles.

Integrity and Honesty

  • These are central and defining elements of Con-Tech and will dictate how we conduct ourselves in word and action

Commitment to Excellence

  • Delivery of a consistent, quality product, without compromise, that meets or exceeds customer expectations

Individual Well-Being

  • Recognizing and developing employee potential
  • Supporting personal wellness decisions of employees

Family Matters

  • Commitment to family and their well being
  • Act with generosity in support of employees and their families

Team Development

  • Establish and maintain a healthy work environment in which all employee relations matter
  • Decisions and actions based on respect for others positions, strengths, weaknesses and personal well being

Long Term Partnerships

  • Fostering partnerships through fairness and open communication with employees, customers, subcontractors, suppliers, design professionals, communities and selected charities.
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