Aryze Developments Inc.

Victoria, British Columbia

ARYZE is a construction and development company that approaches the built environment as an ongoing search for knowledge. We blend traditional construction practices, intelligent design and high performance building technologies—always striving to push the future forward.

ARYZE is a Victoria-based infill development and construction team. We create beautiful homes with the highest standards of design, quality and efficiency.

Aryze is a young home builder creating high quality, architectural homes near neighbourhood villages outside of Victoria's core.  We like to think of ourselves as entrepreneurs with an underlying goal of building better communities.  This includes experimenting with a fledgling coffee shop, restoring important heritage homes and engaging in Victoria's political conversations.  We'd like to shape the city we live in and build homes which are in line with our creative and social values. Below are our projects.

Purdey Group

ARYZE and Purdey Group are an integrated infill development team, operating in tandem to bring forward-thinking residential multi-unit developments to Victoria BC.  At the core of our philosophy is urbanism, collaboration, and engagement.

Kinsol Timber

ARYZE helped found and works in partnership with Kinsol Timber Systems, a specialized construction firm focused on building and conserving important timber and timber hybrid structures across Western Canada.


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