Artistique Homes

Calgary, Alberta

We take pride in quality workmanship, staying within budget and on time delivery.

We design & build custom home, commercial projects & major renovations. We deliver your project with professionalism and creativity — without sacrificing your budget, or the trouble of coordinating multiple trades.

At AH, every aspect of your home is thoughtfully crafted, expertly made and designed to be meaningful to you. We customize each home to fit you like a tailored suit.



Ours is privately-owned and fully integrated Plan, Design & Build firm, highly specialized in residential & commercial development projects. At Artistique Homes, it is the focus of our business to provide individual attention to every client that covers every stage of project and our business relationship.

Each project at Artistique Homes begins with a belief that great, consumer-centered ideas and design can play a critical role in getting done our client’s project successfully. We don’t believe in simply making things look pretty; we believe in creating consumer touch points that build relationship and effective communication strategies that drive project success.

In the capacity of General Construction Contractor, company has a history of building several projects but not limited to single family homes, multi-family projects, multi-plexes developments and commercial as well as business centers. Its very evident that Firm holds the capacity to cater to every need of its valued clients; over and above ensures projects are completed on schedule and within budget.

Over the last 20 years, has successfully build and managed projects into the Calgary real estate market, an achievement attributed to a well-managed organization with an unwavering belief in quality and treating our valued Clients the right way.

Artistique Homes distinguishes itself with the promise of superb craftsmanship and design. With the strong belief in Quality, Integrity and Commitment the Firm has establishes the reputation of being one of the most respected Builder and Developer of Alberta.

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