Arcuri Homes Inc.

Calgary, Alberta


Your home should be an expression of yourself; full of beauty, function, and comfort. At Arcuri, custom means individualizing in order to turn dreams into a true reflection of personal style.


At Arcuri we pride ourselves in making your experience a good one. Our regularly scheduled status meetings, email updates, and staff availability make you a part of every aspect of your homebuilding experience. 


Our determination to meet the most exacting specifications allows us to not only make friends with our clients, but typically results in repeat customers and referrals.



Arcuri Homes Inc. has been building quality custom homes in the Calgary area for over 35 years. We made a deliberate decision to limit the number of homes we build to ensure that the exacting attention to detail is present in every home we build.

From building our first home in 1981, Domenic has embarked on an extraordinary journey of building a company under the tutelage of his father. The families’ personal values, to pursue excellence at every level, continues to be encapsulated with each custom build. We continue to fulfill the dream of building each home as if it were our own each and every time.

During the last 30 plus years of operation, Arcuri has built in every quadrant of the City of Calgary, including the surrounding regions. No size of home is out of scope, as every home is uniquely customized to meet the needs of its individual owner and the lot chosen. With over 150 unique custom processes, our trades have to adhere to both a set timeline and regular construction meetings. At the very outset, we recognize that building a home is the single largest investment for most people so we want to ensure your budget is both respected and maintained.


Synonymous with creative architectural design, Arcuri Homes lives up to a reputation of unsurpassed construction quality. We work with a range of clients who stem from knowing very little about the home building process, to the more experienced owner who knows exactly how their dream kitchen should flow.

It doesn’t matter which lot you have chosen – we build for you. When you walk through an Arcuri Home it truly is an experience unlike any other. Many of our customers had no idea how easy it was to build a custom home but also how much they were able to save in the long run by getting what they wanted from the start. Being able to accommodate, and flex, around the needs of your family is paramount for us.

We don’t change how we build from year to year or area-to-area, we adapt to the ever-changing needs of our customers. Staying true to our custom building process is critical over moving around trends that just come and go. As we continue to grow we will always be focused on quality built homes, not quantity. Every home, in any area, will continue to be a challenge we embrace.


With years of experience building hundreds of homes, we have developed a refined list of building accents that are superior in the market place. Arcuri Homes takes great pride in offering hand selected building products that are of the highest quality for your home. From the moment you walk through your designer front door, stroll across your rich hardwood and are guided through your home by custom lighting, you will feel the difference room to room. Our accents do not change on a whim, rather we take great effort in ensuring that the accents placed in your home continue to hold both in character and strength over the years.


With each Arcuri custom designed home, there is a minimum of 150 building processes involved. We take everything into account from the first conceptual drawings, to final completion when we turn your home over to you.

We guarantee that both your budget is adhered to, and that from the time your foundation is dug to when you receive possession is all in a guaranteed timeframe*. At Arcuri, our custom building process has been honed for over 35 years to ensure excellence with every single home we build. By working with some of the most experienced staff and trades in the industry, it will feel like you truly are coming home.

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